I am a self-taught emerging artist living in Charlotte via Eastern North Carolina. I have a lifelong love affair with visual arts with a shared passion in life sciences. Being introduced to art at a young age has allowed me to absorb all facets of art, varying from crochet to jewelry to crafts and fine arts. Ironically, while pursuing my undergraduate degree as a Biology major and Chemistry minor at Winston-Salem State University, my style suddenly took a shift from acute realism and gestural figures, to what I proclaim as 'conceptual expressionism'. This is my voice. I am inspired by topics, such as environmentalism, religion, science, nature, history, and philosophy. What people may take as polar opposites, I believe are all intertwined. Truth is, everything contained by this world is very much relative and I seek to portray this sort of connectivity in my art.

-Brittani George

Garden of Journey

is awakening in the midst of transition. It is pivotal to have goals, however, focusing too strongly on desire and not the journey at hand is a great way to lose authenticity and personal growth. Still learning. I challenge myself to apply passion into every aspect of my life, undisturbed, genuine, and forever flourishing. I'm tailoring this work into a missionary effort to guide the Love of God through artwork, holistic nutrition, and herbalism. As I further develop my own insight I will be sharing my resources through workshops, learning tools, and art. Tuning my rhythm with my environment, and what is true yields itself as... the garden of (my) journey.